Patrick Grimard

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My name is Patrick. I'm an experienced system administrator and a hobbyist software developer. I typically like writing about new things that I'm trying out. You can expect most of my posts to have something to do with either Java and Spring, JavaScript or anything in either of those ecosystems. I write in order to learn and I try to keep a pragmatic approach as much as possible.

Recent Blog Posts

Running Spring Boot Apps with systemd

Spring Boot and systemd go hand in hand to make running and controlling apps easy and efficient.

Help! My Spring Boot service fails to register with Eureka

Have you ever found yourself in a situation during development where you know the problem is some small detail that you’re overlooking but you can’t for the life of you figure it out? Pro tip, walk away and come back later.

Server Side Rendering with Spring Boot and React

Server side rendering of React apps in Spring Boot is supported using Spring’s script template views. Although still young, script template views provide the foundation for building isomorphic React apps. I will show you how this is done using React’s server side rendering capabilities and later I will explain how to add support for React Router and Redux.

Introduction to Redux

This tutorial will provide a gentle introduction to Redux in the context of a React app. At the end I will cover a couple advanced topics. My goal is to show you some common patterns when building React apps with Redux and provide my take on them.