Patrick Grimard

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Hello, my name is Patrick. I build applications and I blog about building applications.

I Build Apps

I write custom web applications for your business and for personal use.

I Deploy Apps

Once an application has been tested and is ready for production, I can help deploy it where you need it.

I Support Apps

Once an application is in the wild, I'm there to help if there's an issue.

Recent Blog Posts

Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) with Spring

For anyone coming here from an older link, this post has been updated. The original post was written near the end of 2013. Since a lot has changed in Spring since then and I noticed this post was still popular, I thought I would update it. The Spring team has made CORS implementation much easier in recent versions of Spring, so I’ll try to simply not repeat what the docs already cover.

Migrating from Wordpress to Jekyll

It’s been on my mind for a while, migrating from Wordpress to Jekyll. What I found appealing about Jekyll was that the resulting site would be all static content. So naturally it should be fast.

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