Running Spring Boot Apps with systemd

October 29, 2017 454 Words

Spring Boot and systemd go hand in hand to make running and controlling apps easy and efficient.

Help! My Spring Boot service fails to register with Eureka

April 21, 2017 444 Words

Have you ever found yourself in a situation during development where you know the problem is some small detail that you’re overlooking but you can’t for the life of you figure it out? Pro tip, walk away and come back later.

Server Side Rendering with Spring Boot and React

November 24, 2016 2947 Words

Server side rendering of React apps in Spring Boot is supported using Spring’s script template views. Although still young, script template views provide the foundation for building isomorphic React apps. I will show you how this is done using React’s server side rendering capabilities and later I will explain how to add support for React Router and Redux.

Introduction to Redux

November 05, 2016 3497 Words

This tutorial will provide a gentle introduction to Redux in the context of a React app. At the end I will cover a couple advanced topics. My goal is to show you some common patterns when building React apps with Redux and provide my take on them.

A word of caution with Spring Boot auto configuration

October 14, 2016 500 Words

Spring Boot auto configuration is great! No doubt about it, it has simplified my life. Recently while working on a new project, it appeared as though Spring Boot auto configuration was playing some dirty tricks on me. TL;DR, the problem was not with Spring Boot, but rather with me.

Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) with Spring

June 22, 2016 999 Words

For anyone coming here from an older link, this post has been updated. The original post was written near the end of 2013. Since a lot has changed in Spring since then and I noticed this post was still popular, I thought I would update it. The Spring team has made CORS implementation much easier in recent versions of Spring, so I’ll try to simply not repeat what the docs already cover.

Migrating from Wordpress to Jekyll

May 23, 2016 1004 Words

It’s been on my mind for a while, migrating from Wordpress to Jekyll. What I found appealing about Jekyll was that the resulting site would be all static content. So naturally it should be fast.

Install JIRA Service Desk

March 29, 2016 605 Words

Today I attempted to install JIRA Service Desk 3.1.2 on Linux.  There were a few bumps in the road, so this post is intended for my future self, and perhaps you so we don’t have to go searching too far for answers.

Encrypting and Decrypting Configuration Property Values in Spring Cloud

March 04, 2016 1148 Words

As a follow up to my recent post on Microservices with Spring Cloud, this post will cover encrypting and decrypting config property values.  The Spring Cloud docs cover this aspect briefly, so I’ll go through the steps I took to get this working both in test on my laptop, and on a dev server.  I’ll be using the same environment as my last blog post, so that is a standalone Eureka server, a config server, and simple microservice.  Full disclosure, I am by no means a security expert, so if you see something wrong, feel free to let me know.

Microservices with Spring Cloud

March 02, 2016 1776 Words

Last week, I attended ConFoo in my home town of Montreal.  There were lots of people in attendance from various programming backgrounds, so plenty to take in.  I was particularly blown away when I attended a session by @DavidOstrovsky which covered Elasticsearch and Kibana.  Let’s just say my days of creating dashboards are soon coming to an end.